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Agnes Monica in Brunei

Agnes Monica, Indonesian singer and actress, arrived in Brunei Darussalam on 8th of April 2016. Rumours tell she is here for some VIP’s Royal birthday 🙂 (of course – who else could afford it, anyway?). Agnes is one my favourite female singer since my childhood and she is very talented – can sing, dance, act and also a gym goer!!! It would be nice if she can perform publicly but never going to happen. *SIGH*

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Concern With The Launches of ‘Today List’ on Web

In response to the recent article “Postal services launches today list” published by Brunei Times.

I would like to express my deep concern regarding the launch of ‘today list’ at by the Postal Services Department. The list display information of person’s legal name and their physical address known to the public. Isn’t this a direct violation of privacy and security of the customers? The info display is enough to open door that identity thieves and fraud can exploit. Many others have also express their concern.

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