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Anggota Bomba Perwira Negara


Terima kasih kepada perwira kitani dari Pasukan Tentera Udara Diraja Brunei berganding bahu menolong our unsung heroes iaitu pihak Bomba untuk memadamkan kebakaran hutan. Shabas kami ucapkan. Good team work.

Keep up the good work Sir. Salute 👍👍👍



Brunei Water Meter Installation

It looks like new prepaid water meter and meter box will be installed in Brunei.  It is currently on a trial phase of six months to one year at Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR). The post has received both positive and also outrage comments on our Facebook page. I think what these people do not understand is that our government is in huge debt of millions of dollar for unpaid bills. These new installation can help to avoid those unpaid bills and teach the local to use water efficiently.

Brunei water is subsidised by the government so it is very cheap compare to other countries. The water bill in Brunei cost as low as BND$2 per month and I do not understand why people hassle about it. I personally support the government step to introduce the prepaid water meter and help Brunei’s economy.

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